Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 6 – Columns Rising

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day (and Neither Was Our Glamping Site)

So this is day 6 (day 2 of actual construction) of our Glamping Geodesic Dome Site. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will out Glamping Site.

Having said though I do think we are moving at a pace far quicker than Romulus and Remus ever thought possible. Which is good as the rains are around the corner and we need to finish the foundations before they arrive. The weather forecast at the moment is unusually good for this time of year with no rain forecast for the next 5 days.

Good for our Glamping Project, though for bad for our garden which is rapidly turning from green to brown. Anyway we make foundation columns while the sun shines.

Here in Isan we use a fairly standard technique of using rebar column and feet for structures built out of rebar skeletons and then cased in concrete.

What is interesting is that in this part of the world, until recently there were no companies building housing projects…if you wanted a house you built it yourself. So everyone here literally knows how to build rebar columns and feet!

Columns Arising

This mini update is really just in case anyone following our progress (presently 4 people) are thinking of doing their own projects in Thailand. In which case we have added some more details on how we are building our rebar feet and columns.

From our experience, if you get this right than your house, your project will last decades and even longer. However, if you don’t then there is a good chance your project will fail before it even gets going.

Nakara Glamping – You Can Watch It All Here

You can watch the project unfold on our youtube channel: Nakara Villas & Glamping though you can watch today’s episode below. We have tried to both tell our own story but also share tips, tricks and learnings so you can save the money and avoid the disasters that we didn’t.

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