Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 60 – Putting up the Domes

Our Geodesic Dome Tents Have Arrived and Are Going Up

Our domes tents have arrived and finally the day when we put them up is here! September turned out to be a horrid month weather wise. Generally September is pretty wet anyway (and good thing too or none of the rice and other crops would grow) but this year we had a couple of typhoons coming from the East across Vietnam/Laos which added some further late rainy season drenchings.

So we lost some time but today the weather is all blue skies and warm sunshine; absolutely perfect for what we are doing.

Dome Tent – A Wonderful Space

As the domes go up we can finally see both the sihouette of the project as well as get a sense of the space inside. We order 7m domes compared to the 5m or 6m dome tents that are popular here in Thailand. And I am glad we did as it’s a wonderful space with a fantastic 4m high ceiling. We simply can not wait for them to be finish and to finally spend a night sleeping in them.

Dome Tents – Surprisingly Easy

It’s also surprisingly easy to put these tents up. Each metal bar has a number on it. There is a single sheet diagram that shows which number connects to what other number and off you go. If you did Meccano as a child then you can put up a dome tent.

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