Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 5 – Breaking Ground

A big mechanical digger on day 5 of construction at Nakara Villas and Glamping

Today We Start Building Our Glamping Site

So it really begins today as this was our first day of actually building our Glamping Site. For now it will be just two 7m geodesic dome tents. Hopefully in the future we will add more domes as well as more tent varieties.

The morning started off with an impressive parade of trucks, lorries and a big mechanical digger arriving at our house. Noisy, dirty and exciting.

In terms of materials, all we need to build the foundations arrived first thing meaning nothing to stop us starting. This including rebar, sand, gravel and concrete. In addition, the metal beams and concrete posts for the walkway also arrived. So this means, material wise, we have everything for the first week or so.

And our team arrived too: one leader with seven people. That’s a good size team for a project of this size so we should make quick progress. And that’s important as the heavy rains are just around the corner so a small delay could catch us out and mean postponing the project till winter.

Dig, Dig Dig,

The main task today was just laying out where the decks for the Dome will go; essentially just hammering some sticks into the ground to pinpoint where the support columns will go. I always enjoy this bit and it feels much more symbolic than it really is. It also a little nerve racking as its really the first actual physical representation of what is in your head.

It also feels really small. I have done detailed, down to the cm, floor plans but when you look at a half dozen sticks in the ground you do start to wonder if you planned it big enough. I am sure we have though especially as we opted for 7m tents over the 5m tents most glamping sites choose.

The next job was digging the holes for the foundations and I was impressed that by the end of the day, our mechnical digger had dug every hole as asked and we even had a few rebar columns standing proud.

Nakara Glamping – You Can Watch It All Here

You can watch the project unfold on our youtube channel: Nakara Villas & Glamping though you can watch today’s episode below. We have tried to both tell our own story but also share tips, tricks and learnings so you can save the money and avoid the disasters that we didn’t.

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