Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 100 – Adding the Insulation & PVC Lining

putting up the inner insulation and external pvc lining on a 7m dome tent at Nakara Villas & Glamping

A Proud, Glorious Moment

In any project, there are those crowning moments you look forward to from before the project even starts. For us, one of those moments was always going to be adding the internal insulation and adding the external PVC lining.

Its not just the moment the tent goes up, its the moment you realize if the project is everything you thought it would be…or did you just spend a chunk of change on an embarrassing dud.

It’s Been Quite a Journey

Like all of these projects, it’s been quite a journey. I can honestly say that we are all tired but in a good way. No problem getting to sleep at night but also no problem getting up at the crack of dawn to get on with the last jobs. Now we just need to wait for our first guests and to to see their reviews. We also hope, for the whole country, that the Thailand’s opening up is a success and we don’t see another wave.

Spoilers Ahead…

You can watch the video below showing how to add insulation and PVC lining, and not wanting to spoil the suspense, we were really pleased with the result. Walking through the door for the first time with the roof was wonderful. The space is everything we wanted it to be: Large floor space but also large roof height as well. And with the panoramic window as well, it really does give you a sense of floating on air.

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