Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 80 – Getting There!

18 Days To Go Till We Launch Our Glamping Domes

Its all finally starting to come together and we are getting a good sense of the experience that we have built….and it looks good so far.

Pipes and More Pipes

These days we are mainly working on electric and plumping. So its a lot of pipes and wires most of which go straight into the ground. So visually its hard to see the progress even though we know it is all moving forward.

This is a stage where we are particularly careful – we don’t want water leaks and we definitely don’t want anyone getting an electric shock. So lot’s of focusing on the details!

However we are also working on the internal structure as well which is really satisfying to see as it is all starting to feel a real home and one you can walk around. Admittedly its still a home without a roof!

Glamping Video Update!

To give a sense of the progress, as well as the experience, I have put a quick video together which mainly focuses on the experience. The next video will hopefully be the last one as we put the insulation and pvc lining onto the frame.

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