Building our Glaming Domes:
Day 1 – Ordering

Our Glamping Dome Tent Adventure Starts

Today we went to the bank and transferred a 30% deposit for two 7m Glamping Dome Tents.

Actually, I thought we were going to do a bus conversion. There was a beautiful 1970s Mercedes-Benz bus for sale just a 1km away from our location. Our first plan was to buy that and convert it into accommodation. From a distance, it was stunning. Close up it was badly rusted and too damaged and further investigation proved that some of the damage was terminal.

So Shanana and I decided to extend our resort by adding two Glamping Dome Tents! Not least as we are both fans of our glamping ourselves but it’s growing in popularity and it just about fits our budget.

Choosing our Glamping Dome Tent Supplier

It’s taken about 3 months to do the research and to put a business plan together but so far it looks a sound investment. We believe we will see a positive return in 18-24 months. This, though, is assuming that the pandemic finally appears in our rear view mirror rather than in front of us.

There are plenty of glamping dome tent suppliers. We contacted a half dozen suppliers in Thailand and China. In the end we chose Jumei Tents who are based in Guangzhou. It seems that the local suppliers are all ordering from China anyway and we found we could save 35% by buying direct from the factories in China. The difference is that we will not get the on ground servicing as we would buying locally and more of the work, and decisions, will need to come from us.

We have opted for 7m dome tents. The most popular size for Thailand glamping dome tents is 5m in diameter. So 7m is a significant step up in cost. Not just for the tents, but everything else needs to be a size bigger. However 7m tents gives us an extra 20m2 of floor space plus and an extra meter in height; we believe people will enjoy that extra space. Especially parents with children.

Yesterday (Friday 30th) we went and put down the deposit so Jumei can start the manufacturing process. One tent will have a blue curtain, the other a metallic grey. Otherwise the two tents are identical.

Excited and Nervous

As our project starts, we are both excited and a little nervous. This is somewhat of a learning experience for us though for now the designs looks spectacular so we are optimistic that we can finish this project on budget, in time and create a wonderful experience too!

A Front View of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome with Blue Curtains at Nakara Villas and Glamping
A front view of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome
A Top View of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome Showing Solar Vent, Windows Door Roof and Front Bay Window at Nakara Villas and Glamping
A Top View of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome
A Side View of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome Showing Solar Vent, Window and Door at Nakara Villas and Glamping
A Side View of our 7m Starry Glamping Dome

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