Discover the Amazing Romance of
Winter in Isan
with a Glamping & Red Lotus Experience

A Fully Inclusive 2 or 3 Day Tour for up to 4 Adults

Available November to April


1. Tour Highlights

A Wondrous Way to Discover Isan in the cool winter months

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Flexible and adaptable to include everything you want to see

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Inclusive packages that offer great value for money without worry

1. Tour Highlights

On this tour you will experience the romantic beauty of winter in Thailand’s Isan region starting with a sunrise tour of the Red Lotus Lake.  You will spend your nights in Luxury Glamping Domes keeping you connected to nature at all times and with shooting stars and friendly fireflies as constant companions.  You will savor the delectable Isan cuisine including special grills and BBQs.  Above all this tour will connect you to a unique part of Thailand that is only now being discovered and appreciated for its wonderful culture, deep rooted history, amazing hospitality and genuine open hearted people.

Sleep in a 7m Geodesic Glamping Dome

Enjoy misty mornings, sun filled days and clear starry nights in a luxury 7m Geodesic Dome complete with BBQ deck and net bed.

Take a Boat Tour of the Magical, Mystic Red Lotus Lake

Enjoy misty mornings, sun filled days and clear starry nights in a luxury 7m Geodesic Dome complete with BBQ deck and net bed.

Flexible Program to Capture all You Want to See

No matter what excites you – learning local history, delving into food culture or just doing some more shopping…we can tailor your tour to fit perfectly around you. 

Savor the wondrous tastes of Home Cooked Isan Food

Through out your tour, you will have every opportunity to discover the sensuous tastes of Isan food – increasingly considered one of the world’s best!

Winter in the North East of Thailand is beautiful, magical and absolutely unique.  No one has experienced this part of the world during the winter months and not had their hearts touched, their souls reborn.  Dry sunny days turn into cold, clear starry nights and then into radiant misty mornings.  And yes it can be refreshingly cold at night perfect for BBQs and cuddling up with a loved one.

2. Isan Winter Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive & BBQ Dinner

i) Arrive and check in to your 7m Geodesics Dome.  If you are arriving by plane, airport transfers are included both ways.  You will be picked up in our air-conditioned SUV which is included in your package.

ii) Relax, Swim, Massage.  Depending on what time you arrive, there may be time to relax and unwind.  You can swim in the resort’s 20m infinity pool, or take a massage in the resorts private spa.  (Massages are extra and need to be booked 24 hours in advance).

woman enjoying traditional aroma massage at nakara villas and glamping
Enhance Your Holiday with a 60minute of 90 minute Massage in the Resort’s Spa

iii) Enjoy a Korean BBQ.  Served at your dome tent, under the stars, we will serve you a pork or vegetarian Korean BBQ depending on your request.  There are also BBQ facilities, including charcoal and lighters,  provided at each Dome in case you would like to cook for yourself. 

Enjoy a Delicious Korean Stye BBQ Served at your Dome (Vegetarian BBQ Also Available)

Day 2: Red Lotus Lake Tour

i) Early Sunrise Breakfast.  The flowers at the Red Lotus lake tend to close their petals as the morning sun rises.  So we rise early to make sure we see the lake at its most majestic.  The options are to depart at 5:30am to be on the lake for the sunrise; or to depart at 6:30 to be on the lake for 8am when the flowers are their most open.  Due to the early start, we generally offer you a packed breakfast built around fruits, breads, sandwiches, sausages and eggs depending on. your preferences.

Our Packed Breakfasts Can Include Fruits, Eggs, Breads, Croissants, Sausages and Juices

ii) Red Lotus Lake Tour – When we arrive at the lake, there will be time for a walk around the lake’s shore to take in the atmosphere, grab a warming coffee or to check out the the local market for gifts or souvenirs.  We then depart on your private boat or canoe (your choice) for a 90 minute tour of the lake.  You will be taken right to the centre of the lake with the boat stopping from time to time for the taking of pictures.  Beyond the beauty of the flowers, there is still much wildlife to see including swallows, cranes, storks, rainbow chickens and grazing water buffalo with their ibises.

iii) Ban Chiang Unesco Heritage Site – Ban Chiang is a picture postcard Thai Village with a remarkable history as it sits on the remains of Thailand’s oldest known settlement; a settlement that spanned the stone, bronze and iron ages.  It was here where the first farms were laid, where the first metals were forged and from where a vibrant, sophisticated culture spread across the whole region.  It is literally where life began in South East Asia and hence it marks an important stage in human cultural, social and technological evolution.  To visit Ban Chiang is to literally experience the story of how we became who we are today.  Here you can see an excavation pit that has been left open complete with prehistoric pottery and human remains; visit the excellent Ban Chiang museum (curated by the Smithsonian) and even try your hand at making your own pots using prehistorical techniques.

Ban Chiang is a shirt 40 minutes drive from the Red Lotus Lake, a drive that takes you through some pretty Isan countryside.  Hence people generally combine the two sites in the same day of touring.

An Imagined Woman Making bronze Age Pots at Unesco Heritage ban Chiang
Ban Chiang Museum – A Recreation of Pottery aking from 2000 Years Ago

iv) Traditional Isan Lunch – Whilst touring Ban Chiang, there will be a the time to saviour a true traditional Isan food during lunch.  Isan food is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the world’s best for its unique layering of different flavours many of which are unique to this part of the world.

v) The Lotus Flower Temple: Wat Pa Dong Rai –  An easy addition to the tour is a visit to Wat Pa Dong Rai that is just 15 minutes on from Ban Chiang.  This temple, only completed in 2019, is designed in the shape of a Lotus Flower and sits on a purpose built island in the middle of a reservoir.  The structure is identical, but smaller, replica of the Lotus Temple in India that is one of the centers of the Bahá’í faith.  The surrounding forests make for a very tranquil setting and amazing photo opportunities.

v) Coffee, Cake and Ice Cream at Barn Naa Cafe –  On the return leg back to Nakara Villas & Glamping there a number of places to stop for a refreshing drink, cake and ice cream such as The Udon Thani Melon Far.  However, by far the most popular is Barn Naa Cafe, just 2 km away from our resort.  Here you can delight in home made cakes, assortment of cold and hot drinks as well enjoy a light meal in their Thai/Vegetarian fusion restaurant.

Home Made Cakes and Iced Drinks at Barn Naa cafe

vi) BBQ Dinner Served at Your Dome –  On returning to your Dome, there will be some time to again relax, take a swim, enjoy a massage or even a sunset cocktail.  For dinner we will provide you with a gourmet fish/meat/vegetarian BBQ that either you can prepare yourself or we can cook for you.

Day 3: Optional – 2nd Day of Touring

i) Morning Breakfast in your Dome –  Awake refreshed to a perfect breakfast served in your dome.  We offer both Asian Style Breakfast as well as Continental though do also ask for our Laos style  Eggs-in-a-Pan for a fresh breakfast experience. 

Isan Style Eggs in a Pan Sprinkled with Chinese Sausages and Diced Bacon Breakfast at Nakata Villas and Glamping
Isan Style Eggs in a Pan Sprinkled with Chinese Sausages and Diced Bacon
Congee With Minced Pork Served at Nakara Villas and Glamping
Congee With Minced Pork Served

ii) Optional Second Day of Touring – For our guests who are taking late flights back or those opting to stay a third night, we are happy to organize a second day of touring based around your specific requirements.  We do have a list of the Top 25 Things to See and Do though the most popular trips include: 

1) Day Trip to Nong Khai – Spend a day at this picturesque sleepy boarder town including seeing its mesmerizing Buddha Park, The University Run Aquarium, the famous Wat Pho Chai with its 18th Century gold headed Buddha, and the Tha Sadet Market.  Highlights of a day trip to Nong Khai can also include enjoying traditional Vietnamese coffee, a delightful lunch by the Mekong as well as finishing at a family run rice cane Rum Distillery.

Sala Keoku Nong Khai Buddha Park Tours from Nakara Villas and Glamping
Sala Keoku Buddha Park Is One of Many Excellent Sites To See on a Day Trip to Nong Khai

2) A Visit to Wat Pa Phu Kon / The Famous Blue Temple – Now the most famous temple in Udon Thani, Wat Pa Phu Kon is well worth the 90 minutes drive to see the stunning blue roofs, the incredible 20m marble reclining Buddha and the amazing views across the Na Yung–Nam Som National Park.  The Park it self is also worth visiting; there is a nature trail that takes you past the very pretty Namtok Yung Thong waterfall and the Pha Daeng Viewpoint.

Wat Pa Phu Kon is a Stunning Temple Inside and Out. The 20m Marble Buddha is a Marvel to See on it’s Own.

3) A Visit to Wat Kham Chanot – Wat Kham Chanot it a Bhuddist forest temple known dedicated to the worship of Nagas.  The main temple is reached via a 100m bridge to the small island located within a lake.  Legend has it that the lake is home to the Naga Lord Pu Si Suttho and his parnter Naga Si Pathumma.  The island also has a small forest with a type of ancient Chanot tress that are unique to this one location; these trees are popular amongst those looking for lucky lottery numbers.  Due the fame/popularity of this temple, entrance must be reserved in advance.  On the return journey, lunch can be taken on the rafts at Nam Pan Lake (bring swimming gear as the lake’s water are often refreshingly cool). 

Wat Kham Chanot is One of the Most Visited Temples in Isan. It Is a Rare Example of a Temple Dedicated to the Worship of Naga

4) Day Trip to Laos: Visit the capital city of Vientiane including the Cope Visitor’s Centre, The Buddha Park, The Great Scared Stupa, The Petuaxi and the Texile Museum.  Please note that Day Trips to Laos do require visa fees and the use of a local Laos Guide.  We do also need at least two days to organize.  The Thai-Laos boarder has also been closed at times due to covid.

Young Women from Laos in traditional red dresses and elaborate headgear seen on day trip from Nakara Villas and Glamping

iii) Dinner In Your Dome –  For your 3rd night Dinner, we offer you free choice of repeating a Korean BBQ, a meat/fish/vegetarian BBQ or having an Isan single dish such as green curry, boat noodles, tom yam soup.  For inspiration, you can check out our Top 10 Isan Dishes here.  

Third Night Dinner, You May Choose from Korean Grill, Meat/Fish/Vegetarian BBQ or a single Thai Dish such as Khoi Soi

3. Prices and What's Included

What Is included

We aim to create inclusive tours so you can feel confident that you know how much your holiday will cost and exactly what is included.  Like you, we don’t like unpleasant surprises, hidden costs or experiences that don’t match the brochure so we make sure you can enjoy your holiday without any worries.

All our tours include: 

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