Building our Glamping Domes:
Day 102 – Our First Pictures of Sangchan Dome

Nakara Villas and Glamping Dome Sangchan Exterior Photo Across Swimming Pool

Our Hard Work Has Paid Off As We Finish our First Dome

The end is in sight as our first dome is just about finished. Dome Sangchan (Sangchan is Thai for moonlight) is just about finished. We still have a few finishing touches to do plus a lot of cleaning but it is there, ready for it s first guest.

It’s Been Quite a Journey

Like all of these projects, it’s been quite a journey. I can honestly say that we are all tired but in a good way. No problem getting to sleep at night but also no problem getting up at the crack of dawn to get on with the last jobs. Now we just need to wait for our first guests and to to see their reviews. We also hope, for the whole country, that the Thailand’s opening up is a success and we don’t see another wave.

Dome Sangchan – The First Pictures!

We do also have some first pictures to show everyone.

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