A Perfect Blend of Traditional & Modern Thailand

Udon Thani is Thailand’s fastest-growing city and the main gateway to the vast North East Region of Isan.  Isan covers one-third of Thailand geographically yet until recently received just 1% of its visitors.  However, Udon Thani is now being discovered and celebrated by today’s travelers for its perfect blend of Traditional Thailand & Modern Thailand.

Misty Valleys & Mythical Landscapes

When visiting Udon Thani you will find yourself stepping back in history. You can explore Bronze Age settlements, Ancient Stonehenges and following dinosaur trails back 140m years.  You can also enjoy a serene morning boating on the magical and mystical Red Lotus Lake; or immersing yourself into the legends and misty valleys of the Mekong River. 

Without a doubt, you will find yourself savouring the delectable Isan cuisine. You will also delight in the friendliness and hospitality of its people. 

Ancient Traditions & Modern Comforts

You will also be discovering a region whose cultures and traditions, myths and legends have remained unchanged for decades.  Some, especially the region’s festivals, can trace their origins back centuries.  This opportunity to peer back in time is very much part of the unique joy of visiting this area. 

Yet at the same time you will also find that Udon Thani is plush with modern hotels, shopping malls and upscale eateries.  Few places offer this opportunity to experience Traditional Thailand & Modern Thailand side by side.  This is what makes visiting Udon Thani one amazing, unforgettable traveling experience. 

A Journey of Discovery

So join us on a journey of discovery today.  When you stay with us at Nakara Villas & Glamping, we are happy to be both your guide as well as your host. We can give you free advise on how to travel to and from Udon Thani, the best times of year to visit and the best things to see.  And absolutely we can tell you the best things to eat.

So Discover Udon Thani today and enjoy many jewels of Unseen Thailand, savour wonderful food and enjoy traditional Isan hospitality

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